Choices 32x26 oil on aluminum panel
Two, 6x6 oil on aluminum
One and a half, 6x6 Oil on aluminum
The Bond, 8x10 Oil on panel
Ties, 20x40 Oil on aluminum panel
Porvenir, 12x19 Oil on aluminum
Recipe, 9x12 oil on panel
Strawberries, 12x16 Oil on panel
Lemon Tea, 15x24 Oil on panel
Dessert 15x24 Oil on panel
Morning Tea 12x16
Mallorca 20x16 Oil on panel
Cherries 12x16 Oil on panel
The Copper Pot 12x8 Oil on panel
Two, 6x6 oil on aluminum

St. Augustine Art Association Juried Exhibition Miniature Marvels Honorable Mention Sold